Kelo is a very warm and tough type of wood, perfect for the temperatures that drop to even minus fifty degrees in Lapland. Dried standing in the forest, it is only cut after its life cycle, which lasts approximately two hundred years, is over: this means that no tree has been killed by human beings to satisfy the demands of the tourist industry!
Kelo grows in a region situated within the Arctic polar circle, 300 km East of Rovaniemi, the administrative capital of Lapland, which is the Northernmost province of Finland. As a consequence of the tree’s long life cycle, the wood has an oxidized surface approximately two centimetres thick and an unaltered inner part that is very warm.
A natural shrinkage occurs over time and special joints have been used for this reason. A natural fibre composed of stone and wood, which breathes and does not deteriorate over the years, has been used to seal the joints. This is a spectacular building, made by authentic masters of traditional craftsmanship.